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First Appointment - The first appointment will take approximately one hour. In it I will discuss with you your current 
health problem, as well as your medical history, diet and lifestyle, and will perform examinations (if necessary) and ask 
questions that will provide a holistic understanding of your case.

On the basis of the first consultation I will formulate herbal preparations perfectly suited to your constitution to heal 
your complaint and promote inner health and wellbeing. The herbal preparations may be of various kinds - for example, 
infusions (teas), tinctures, creams or pills - and may include herbs to alleviate your symptoms as well as herbs to promote 
deeper healing and to address the underlying causes of your complaint.

Subsequent Appointments
Subsequent appointments are typically half an hour in length. They serve to check progress and monitor your healing. 
Adjustments may be made to your herbal formulation to maintain harmony with the healing underway as your health improves and your treatment requirements change. With time, later follow-ups may become possible over the phone.
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