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Welcome to Iria's Herbal Medicine service! My name is Iria, and I offer Professional Medical Herbal Treatment in Limpley Stoke, Bath, Avon, and also here on my website - see the Herbalist Online section.

Herbal Medicines provide safe and effective treatment of a wide range of health problems.  In my treatment approach I take into consideration the underlying cause of the complaint as well as the symptoms.  In addition to Western Herbalism I draw upon the ancient knowledge of Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicines to ensure high quality holistic treatment.

Nutrition and lifestyle considerations are included in my consultation process and treatment programs, and I offer advice on these to fully support your health and wellbeing.

Herbal Medicine is the oldest form of medicine known to mankind - it has withstood the test of time.  It is used to assist the body in its own processes of self-healing.  Herbal Medicines are non-suppressive - they strengthen, support, and rebalance the constitution, increasing resistance to disease and promoting deep healing.

As a qualified herbalist, I have detailed and up to date knowledge of interactions between conventional drugs and herbs, and can provide safe and effective treatment alongside conventional medicine.

Should you have any doubts about herbal medicines, feel free to call me
for further clarification before making your appointment.   

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